"Our philosophy"

We are not salesmen, we are not a big corporate business and we are not a franchise. We do not have a showroom or a “Bathroom Boutique” We are bathroom fitters. Buy what you like but if it’s not installed properly you have issues.

Installations, renovations, modifications is what we excel at, we can design, advise and supply you with furnishings for your bathroom but shop anywhere, we don’t mind, we do not profit or build our business on sales, we are Bathroom fitters

Our Story

Spend 10k on a new bathroom from a fancy boutique but the chances are they will send a sub-contractor to install it. You might get lucky and he might be a time served, qualified and very experienced installer but why take the chance. I have sub-contracted for all the big boy's, Dolphin, Premier and Bathing Solutions etc; and spent a lot of time fixing poor installations made by other sub-contractors.

Call us and get it done right the first time.

Next Steps...

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